Aaditya Raj Singh

(Founder, MD and Chairman)

NuoG Capital Loan's & HAUS Lo-Z

“I Create, I Learn, I Grow, I am an Entrepreneur“

Aaditya Raj Singh Drives the Primary Aspect of Business – Designing Innovative Credit Solutions and Delivering them in the Most Simple and Efficient Manner to SMB’s. He Started his Career with Large Private Sector and Multinational Banks in their Small Loan Divisions. “Dedication, Hard-Work, Consistency and Self-Belief Can Always Pave the Way to Triumph.” I have Always Believed in the Power of Integrity, Unity and Responsibility to Obtain Excellence. These are the Values that have Shaped Our Group’s Performance for More than Three Decades. We Strive to Leave Our Footprint in the Never-Ending Story of NuoG’s Growth. Early in his Career he was Intrigued by Passion of Small Business Owners Who Inspite of Being Credit Worthy Were Not Served by Existing Lenders. Credit Decisions in Banks Take Months. His Vision is to Implement Big Data Credit Scoring with Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. He is a Chartered Accountant and Pursued his Post Graduation from MBA - IIMB(Indian Institute of Management, Banglore). In his Free Time, He Loves Walking and Exploring the World with his Wife.

NuoG Capital Loan's & HAUS Lo-Z is the Trade & Brand Wholly-Owned Subsidiary of NuoG GRIHAUS Limited (NGHL). The Company is Rated CARE BBB (Credit Enhancement) with Negative Outlook from CARE Ratings.
Key Management Personnel
Board of directors & KMP
Aaditya Raj Singh MBA - IIM, Bangalore Founder & Board Chairman
Shewlee Paul MBA - IIM, Lucknow Co-Founder & CEO
Binay Kumar Paul Graduation Additional Independent Director
Govind Kumar MBA - Dehradun Chief Operating Officer
Devendra Kumar Pandey Graduation Collections & Field Investigation Head
Savita Devendra Pandey Graduation Chief Human Resource Officer
Sonali Som Ghosh Chartered Accountant - CA Internal Auditor
Aditi Singh Solanki BBA - MBA General Counsel & Company Secretary
Anchal Singh Rajput Accounting & Administrative Coordinator
Satish Kumar Chaudhary Technologies, Analytics & New Capabilities
Priyanshi Praveen Singh MBA – IIM, Bangalore CFO, Marketing & Growth Officer
  • Be Fair to Our Clients, Employees and All Stake Holders.
  • Be More Customer Centric.
  • Our Financial Capital is a Critical Resource for Our Growth.